Don’t Try This at Home

dont try this at home

An ounce of prevention is better than 6 hours stuck in the ER. Read and learn from the mistakes of others (with a laugh here and there). Here are 147 things not to do unless you want to end up as a patient in the ER.

Think Twice (paperback)

Think Twice

More lessons, more bad ideas, more learning from the mistakes of others, more ways to stay alive and to stay out of the ER. Serious yet humorous, this is a book people will actually read.

Think Twice (pocket version)

Think Twice

Takes over where Don’t Try This at Home leaves off. More advice in the economy size that fits in your pocket. A great stocking-stuffer or party favor.


Think Twice (office version)

Think Twice

An 8.5 x 11 version of the sequel to Don’t Try This at Home for your coffee table, waiting room or anywhere else. Keeps guests entertained, patients patient, and everyone healthy and out of the ER.



Think Twice

For each $20 you donate to TEN (10) ER patients will get a free copy of the pocket version of Think Twice More Lessons from the ER