vaccine.jpgThis post brought to you courtesy of my uncle who wanted more people to know about the shingles vaccine and other adult vaccines.

Flu shots have been available since October 1st. If you haven’t had yours yet, ask your doctor. For most of us the benefits far outweigh any risk. Contraindications include allergy to eggs.

If you haven’t had the pneumonia vaccine or Pneumovax in the past 5 years and you are older than 65 or have immune compromise, you should ask your doctor. It can prevent pneumococcal disease which is probably the most common cause of fatal pneumonia and meningitis.

The Shingles vaccine is relatively new and is now recommended for adults over the age of 60 by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.  Shingles is an extremely painful reactivation of the virus that causes Chicken Pox.  If you have never had Chicken Pox, keep reading.  The same committee has also recommended the Varicella vaccine for adults without evidence of immunity to this virus. (ask your doctor).

HPV vaccine: This vaccine is indicated for females age 11-26 to aid in the prevention of cervical cancer.

Other vaccines for adults: Hepatitis B, Varicella, Tetanus
Travel Vaccines to consider: Hepatitis A, Japanese Encephalitis, Lyme, Rabies, Typhoid, Yellow fever.