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  • Real Trees: Don’t buy a Christmas tree (or Hanukkah bush) that doesn’t look fresh. Dry needles increase the risk of fire. Each year there are more than 400 home fires related to these trees. Look for green needles that don’t seem dried out. A fresh cut on the trunk before immediately putting the tree in water will help it stay green longer. Check the water level in the tree-stand daily as the tree may “drink” a lot, especially at first. Also keep the tree away from heat sources and don’t use more than three sets of lights on one extension cord. Lights out at bedtime.
  • Fake Trees: Consider a “fake” tree.  You have to store it, but no needle mess, no landfill space and you’ll end up saving money after a few years.
  • House Lights: If you haven’t yet, reset the timers for your outdoor lights.  Daylight savings time was over a month ago.  Proper lighting prevents accidents and may also prevent crime.
  • Holiday Lights & Ladders: Don’t fall off the ladder.  If your driveway is sloped of the ground the ladder stands on is uneven, sloped or wet, have someone hold the base of the ladder.  If your ladder has to lean against the house, make sure you use the proper angle.  With your feet at the base, and your arms held out straight in front of your body at 90 degrees, your hands should touch a rung.

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