Safety First - Think Twice!


Do Calf Squeezers in Lines:  One common cause of fainting, and the resultant injury, is prolonged standing.  When you stand for too long the blood begins to pool in your leg veins.  This may mean poorer circulation to the brain and thus fainting.  This pooling of blood does not occur while walking because the muscle activity in the legs actually helps to push the blood against gravity back to your heart.  If you are stuck standing in a long line, do some calf squeezers and toe raises to keep the blood flowing.  It’s good for you back too.

Do Calf Squeezers on Planes: On a similar note, if you are on a long flight, do some form of leg excercise every half hour while awake.  This will help prevent blood clots, which may start to form when blood pools in the calves and legs.

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