Safety First - Think Twice!


Falls are a major cause of injury and even death, especially in older adults. (Kurt Vonnegut and George Burns both died from head injuries after a fall.) Injuries can range from simple sprains and lacerations to wrist and shoulder fractures to severe injuries such as hip fractures, neck fractures and intracranial bleeding.

There are many ways to prevent falls. Here are a few.

Prevent slips by immediately cleaning up any spilled liquids from the floor, and by being extra careful whenever it is wet outside.
Prevent trips by installing proper lighting, using caution when you must walk in the dark, keeping floors clean and removing throw rugs that tend to catch your feet.

Prevent fainting spells by getting up slowly from bed, especially if you have been sleeping or have been ill or injured in any way. When you wake, stretch out for about a minute, then sit up leaning slightly backwards for 30 seconds before standing.  Don’t stand up if you feel light-headed, wait.

Be cautious when standing at or after using the toilet, especially in the morning. People often have a drop in blood pressure after using the toilet.  It may be safer to do your business in the seated position (men).  Don’t get up if you feel light headed.

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Some gym machines and excercises may not be as safe as others!

For gym excercises to avoid, click here.

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