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Halloween Safety


Daylight savings time and Halloween are coming. Here are some important safety tips for trick-or-treaters and their parents.

Be Crosswalk Safe: When holding a child’s hand crossing the street make sure you are holding their hand rather that the other way around. If they are holding your finger or part of your hand, they could let go. If you have your hand around theirs, then you are in control and they are safer. A little life could depend on it.

Be Street Safe: Avoid dark costumes. Choose light colors or add reflective material to costumes. Carry flashlights. Avoid masks that obscure peripheral vision or teach your children to keep the masks tipped up and back until they ring the doorbell. Stay out of the street except for crosswalks and even then be very careful.

Be House Safe: Check your property yearly, if not more often, for tripping hazards, poor lighting or low branches that could injure a running teen or child. What better month to do this than in October, when on the 31st many strangers may be walking up and back from your front door? Also make sure your pets are not going to put anyone at risk. We see as many injuries from dogs causing trips and falls as we do from bites.

Be Fire Safe: Try to use battery powered lights rather than candles. Avoid costumes with low hanging material or that are not flame-resistant. Teach your children how to “Stop-Drop-and-Roll” (Dropping is the most important part of this)

Be Food Safe: Prepare a large wholesome meal so your family doesn’t overindulge. Inspect candy before your children eat it. Allergies to unfound peanut products are the number one cause of ER visits from halloween candy.

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